Combo - Bounce - Climb - Slide 
 The Inflatable Bounce Climb And Slide Combo has all of the fun play essentials to entertain participants of all ages.
This enormous castle theme inflatable starts with a bounce / jumping area, then leads to a 12 foot tall rock climbing wall,
and ends with a large fun inflatable slide.
Size: 45 feet long x 15 feet wide x 16 feet high.
Inflatable Bounce Climb Slide Combo Inflatable Bounce Climb Slide Climbing Wall Inflatable Bouncing Climbing Combo Slide

 Obstacle Course - Delta Force 
 Battle your opponent all the way through the Delta Force Extreme Camo Military style obstacle course, starting at the inflated arches. After that you encounter the pop ups, followed by a climbing wall and then to the top of the slide. Whoever has the fastest time to slide down and out wins.
Size: (Dimensions: Length: 45 Ft, Width: 9 Ft, Height: 15Ft)
Delta Force Extreme Training Obstacle Course

 Obstacle Course - Extreme Quest 
 The Extreme Quest Obstacle Course is 70 L x 14 W x 17 H. This fun inflatable obstacle course is massive and extreme. Participants race through the holes, over the logs, under the barrel, fight the dummies, climb the rock wall and slide down the slide. The Extreme Quest Obstacle Course is great for competitions for all ages.
 Obstacle Course - Mega Thrill Triple Lane 
 Finally! An Inflatable Obstacle Course where up to 3 players can simultaneously race against each other at a time. Challengers rush into the tunnel entrance, make their way around a variety of pillars and horizontal tubes, and rush past inflatable barriers. Once escaping the challenging obstacles, participants make their way to the top of the rock wall staircase, and speed to the exit by sliding down the fun inflatable slide.
Size: (Dimensions: Length: 62 Ft, Width: 15 Ft, Height: 13Ft)
Triple 3 Lane Mega Thrill Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

 Obstacle Course - Sprinter 
 The Sprinter Inflatable Obstacle Course is a fast paced, fun and interactive inflatable party rental. Guests dive through the entrance, go around pillars, under or over barriers, up a rock wall, down a slide, through some tunnels, and then to the finish line. This is a fun obstacle course challenge for racing or just for fun.
Size: (Dimensions: Length: 38 Ft, Width: 13 Ft, Height: 12 Ft)

Sprinter Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental Milwaukee
 Obstacle Course - Stampede 
 Ranchers will have to corral their herd through this 40 foot inflatable obstacle course. Out of the barn, over the fences, and into the pen they go! ( 40'L x 15'W)
 Obstacle Course - Standard 
 Your guests race through the inflatable obstacle course which includes jumping, wall climb, tunneling and more. Same as our Climb & Crawl Obstacle Course rental without the challenging wall climb. Great for younger guests.(40'L x 15'W x 9'H)
 Obstacle Course - Tropical 
 Participants enter from 2 entrances and go through tons of fun filled obstacles, climb to great peaks and slide down the fun and huge wave slide. This inflatable obstacle course is great for all ages and perfect for your tropical themed parties!
Size: (30 Foot Wide x 45 Foot Long)
Tropical Obstacle Course Front

 Obstacle Course - Ultimate II 
 Race your way through this incredible and extreme inflatable obstacle course rental. Challenge and overcome the many obstacles within. The 17' climbing rock wall and slide are definitely a crowd pleaser. (15'W x 55'L)
The Ultimate II Inflatable Obstacle Course Rock Wall The Ultimate II Inflatable Obstacle Slide Ultimate Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

 Obstacle Course Inflatable - 7 Element 
 The 7-Element Inflatable Obstacle Course challenges you through (7) different types of obstacles. Racers start this Obstacle Course diving though the wall, then squeeze through the pillar wall, around inflated side posts, scramble through tunnels, more inflated walls and out the back to become the victor!
Size: (34'L x 13'W x 11'H)
7 Element Obstacle Course Front

 Obstacle Course Inflatable - Chaos 
 2 Players race simultaneously against each other or just go for fun in this crazy and chaotic inflatable obstacle course. First you dive through the entrance, climb over a mini wall, then SqueeeeezE your way through a series of chambers and pillars, crawl through a tunnel, then climb to the top of the rock wall and make your way down the enormous slide. (25'L, 35'W, 17'H)
Chaos Inflatable Obstacle Course Chaos Obstacle Course Slide Interior

 Obstacle Course Inflatable - The Challenger 
 The 31 ft. Challenger Obstacle Course is a recent addition to the Obstacle Course family and is the perfect choice for a broad age range of guests. This game is packed with features like pop-ups, a squeeze wall, crawl throughs, jump throughs and an up and over slide. Kids and adults are guaranteed to love this game.
Size: (31Ft. L x 13 Ft. W x 11 Ft. H)
Note: Photo only represents style of obstacle, not actual color.

 Obstacle Course Inflatable- Adrenaline Rush 
 Your guests race through 11 intense challenges in an 80' run per lane. Participants jump, climb, crawl, squeeze and slide their way through a cacophony of inflatable obstacles. The inflatable obstacle course will get your heart pumping! (35'L x 35'W x 23'H) T
 The Big Baller - Obstacle Challenge 
 New for 2018! Its the Big Baller Inflatable Obstacle Challenger. Your guests climb to the top of the elevated starting platform to attempt to run across the inflatable balls to make it to the other side. Your guests will either have forward momentum to make it from one ball to another, or they will fall onto the inflatable ground along the way. This fun new obstacle is also known as the wipe out inflatable, leaps and bounds inflatable ball running obstacle challenge. Length: 39 ft., Width: 21ft., Height: 12ft