Alien Invasion Bean Bag Toss - New 
 Player receives 3 bean bags to toss at Aliens on game board. Knock 3 Aliens over wins.
 Ball Bounce Game - New 
 Player receives 2 balls to drop into game board. Both balls landing in the same color slot wins.
 Fish Bowl Frenzy - New 
 Player receives 3 ping pong balls to toss into game board. Make a ball in the fish bowl and win.
 Gone Fishin Pond Game - New 
 Players uses fishing pole to catch magnetic fish. The number on the bottom of fish caught determines prize. A winner every time!!
 Monster Blast Game - New 
 Player receives 3 foam nerf gun darts per play. Knock over 2 targets wins 2nd prize. Knock over any three targets and win 1st prize.
 Rattlesnake Roundup Ring Toss - New 
 Player receives 3 hoops to toss at cactus peg target. Score points when you ring a cactus. Score 100 points and win 2nd Prize. Score 150 points and win 1st prize.
 Ring Toss Game - New 
 Player receives 3 rings to toss. Land your ring around any peg and win.
 Selfie Photo Booth Rental - New 
 Choose your scene, choose your props & strike a pose! Guests use their own cell phone cameras to take the pictures. This popular attraction will prove to be a hit at your party that pays the fun forward by allowing your guests to text, email and share their selfie photo booth photos instantly! The Fun Events Inc. Selfie Photo Booth is perfect for any kind of gathering; birthday parties, after-proms, bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, graduation parties, family reunions, school fun days, church events, weddings, or company events.
 Shooting Star Game - New 
 Slide the star pucks up game board toward star targets on game board. Land 2 star pucks in star targets and win 2nd prize. Land all three star pucks in star targets and win 1st prize.
 The Big Baller - Obstacle Challenge 
 New for 2018! Its the Big Baller Inflatable Obstacle Challenger. Your guests climb to the top of the elevated starting platform to attempt to run across the inflatable balls to make it to the other side. Your guests will either have forward momentum to make it from one ball to another, or they will fall onto the inflatable ground along the way. This fun new obstacle is also known as the wipe out inflatable, leaps and bounds inflatable ball running obstacle challenge. Length: 39 ft., Width: 21ft., Height: 12ft
 Under The Knife Operation Surgery Game 
 New - Under the Knife game is great fun for all ages! This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board. Uh-Oh! The patients nose lights up and funny sound effects are triggered.
This is new newer version of our Operation Giant Surgery Game Rental.

 Whip N Skip Game - New 
 Slide the puck up the game board and off the ramp attempting to land the puck in one of 3 targets. Score 25 points and win 3rd prize. Score 50 or 75 points and win 2nd prize. Score 100 or more and win 1st prize.